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SPECIAL EVENT: Presentation of Outstanding Aviator Award to the WASP


The WINGS CLUB of NEW YORK - Presentation of the Outstanding Aviator Award - March 30, 2011

SCHEDULE (Tentative / Under Construction)


Special request from the WINGS CLUB of New York and the International Aviation Womens Association. They are planning to honor the WASP at their annual meeting, March 30, 2011 in NEW YORK CITY. (Announcement)

MYLENE SCHOLNICK is in charge of the event, and would like to invite as many WASP as possible. Please contact her by email or call Albert Lewis at 800 844-4253 if you are interested in attending.

* A LITTLE ABOUT THE WINGS CLUB: Led by The Wings Club's first President, Caleb S. Bragg, prominent civil and military aviation leaders - including Eddie Rickenbacker and Juan Trippe - were named to the first board of directors. GENERAL HAP ARNOLD was also awarded an honorary membership. Many aviation greats have been honored in the past. (see the website:

The International Aviator Award was created by the Wings Club in partnership with the IAWA (International Aviation Womens Association). Last year, the award was given to the Tuskegee Airmen and it was a big success among the aviation community.

Our hope is to gather as many women as we can to receive the 2011 award.

You can find more information about IAWA (International Aviation Womens Association) on our website and on The Wings Club at Wings has almost 70 years of existence, IAWA is 22 years old).

IAWA was founded in 1988 and brings together women of high caliber in the aviation and aerospace industries.