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DD-214 - Military Service Record

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This DD-214 was issued to Dorothy Swain Lewis, a WASP who first served as a flight instructor for NAVY pilots under the V-5 program and then for the WASP before joining up with class 44-W7 and graduating with class 44-5. Her service in the WASP included engineering flights in various aircraft including the P-63, and target-towing in the B-26 at Laredo Texas. (More info on her career is available on her website.) While her son applied for an in-ground burial special exception, which was denied, inurnment was not requested.

Importantly, the DD-214 lists the days of "Active Service", in this case 10 months and 7 days, which is the criterion for burial or inurnment at the ANC. One of the WASP Kids was told that his mother could not be buried unless she could show "one day" of active service. Apparently, the ANC disregarded the record provided by the DD-214.

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