Shutsy, the original proprietess of the WASP Stores, the founder, the Driving Force, what can I say?
Shutsy! FIFINELLA . COM Shutsy!
The WASP Store at Dayton 2003 The WASP patch of Fifinella, the female gremlin adopted by them as
their logo, with assist from Walter Disney!
The WASP Store at Dayton 2003
The WASP Store at Dayton 2003 The Future
of General Aviation

End of "The Gremlins" . . the children's book wherein Fifinella appears (here)
And so, with the help of the gremlins, and because he had great faith and 
determination, a pilot was able to return to his flying. But he was 
only one of many hundreds who since then have come to know and understand
the truth about these little people; who have learned to love them, 
to fear them, and to respect them.

He is, indeed, an unhappy man who goes up into the sky to fight saying,

"I do not believe in gremlins."
The WASP Tent at Oshkosh 2003 A model of the WASP Wishing Well at Avenger Field The WASP Silver
The WASP Silver
Wings Shutsy & Dot at Oshkosh 2003 Dayton Airshow 2003