Florence G. 'Shutsy' Reynolds
Florence G. "Shutsy" Reynolds is one of those WASP flygirls of WWII that you have maybe never heard about. But then maybe you have. Maybe you have seen one of the many recent documentaries telling the story of these intrepid women who served their country in World War Two as pilots of every plane the US could design and build, instructing men pilots, flying targets for combat training, flying test and engineering missions for experimental or rebuilt aircraft, ferrying planes all over the country, and some dying in the normal attrition of flying combat aircraft in all these roles.

Shutsy's story is as facinating as any of the WASP, but most importantly for this internet page you have stumbled across, she was the one who helped start the WASP Stores, maybe about fifteen years ago, in conjunction with the rise in interest about the WASP, and the participation of a number of WASP in annual reunions, airshows and conventions where their story was being retold. With the increased interest in the WASP came a demand for books, photo reproductions and other memorabilia of the WASP, so Shutsy, who was a fine jewelery maker and artist/craftsman, agreed to help develop and manage the operation of a WASP Store, to be stocked with all the items that people were seeking. She designed and developed a number of popular items, including producing beautiful reproductions of the original WASP silver wings with their distinctive diamond design, and various photographs and prints.

The tents at the EAA Airshows in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and Kissimmee, Florida, and more recently, the Dayton Air Show, have been showplaces not only of the WASP who have given their time to attend and speak at these events, but to the operations of the WASP Store, manned by Shutsy and her crew, letting those who visit buy various items to take away with them, spreading the story and interest of the WASP across the land. Recently, 2004, Shutsy has decided to step down from leadership of this operation after so many years of service, and others (including myself as a WASPkid) are attempting to help continue this noble project. It will not be as good as it has been, but we will try --- Shutsy will continue to guide us and to be our inspiration. Check back soon and maybe we will be able to show you more!

Albert "Chig" Lewis
WASPKid - Dorothy Swain Lewis W44-4

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