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YOU can HELP! This page lists the committees that we will be forming to accomplish this project. If you have special skills or an interest, please contact us to serve in one or more of these committees.

The ROSE PARADE 2014 Theme - Dreams Come True!
  • FUNDRAISING Still RIGHT NOW, This is our most important effort at this time - to raise sufficient funds to make this float a reality. We ask for you support to broaden the public relations effort and generate interest throughout the country as a part of the value of the float building effort. Needed: fundraisers, rain-makers, printing, copying & mailing services, PR artists, hander-outers, event attendees, writers, tweeters

  • DESIGN / DECORATION - Design has been done . . . some refinements are being added. You can see some of the original thoughts at our Design Page. To participate in the decorating effort, please visit our Decorate! page.

    DISNEY - We will be seeking the active support of Walt Disney Productions Inc., for the use of the Fifinella, a symbol of Disney's major intellectual property support for the WWII war effort. What great publicity for them if we use it! - - - And what a neat design to put in flowers on the float! We believe Fifi represents the Unity of Purpose which is what the WASP float really is about -- the fact that all elements of our nation, including Disney, the various private industries as well as government, and both men and women, all came together to support our war effort, . . . this story being one that is so needed today where the very fabric of our society seems stretched if not torn.

  • MEDIA / PUBLICITY Communication Services - We will need to have a strong public relations effort to generate support for our fund-raising and the re-telling of the WASP story, and this may involve a separate group of volunteers or support organizations to accomplish this piece. This will undoubtedly involve social media, and development of marketing materials. We will hope for some film-making and photography experts to assist in the effort, and possibly to document the project for posterity. Needed: Artists, writers, bloggers, PR persons

  • FINANCIAL The costs of the fund-raising and float building need to be carefully managed and we need help keeping the books for the Wingtip to Wingtip Association. In keeping with the mission of the Association, we intend to keep our books very transparent, recognizing that the efforts to build this float may have a broad collateral impact, educating those had previously never hear of the "WASP". We view the fund-raising effort as a way to spread the story of the WASP, and encourage the participation of small groups as well as more well endowed donors, but, of course, this type of effort requires more elaborate bookkeeping and careful organization. Needed: Accounting, Card Swipers, data-entry

  • TECHNICAL / INTERNET / WEB SUPPORT - This website is currently being maintained by old computer hippie who learned his craft on CP/M and an Osborne computer . . . and is just plain HTML of the old variety. We are seeking a good Drupal (or other) programmer to implement a good overall redesign of these web pages to take advantage of current technologies to maintain and use more exciting and dynamic content. In addition, our Facebook and Twitter feeds can be supplemented by some better programming, and the activities of the various committees need collaborative tools to properly function. Anyone with special skills in these areas, please contact one of the steering committee and offer your services -- we could really use you! Needed: Programmers, App Makers, WebDesigners, Googlers

    In addition, we are currently seeking to develop an IOS / ANDROID app to keep our various donors, sponsors, worker bees, WASP, friends and family aware of the current status and progress of the project. Anyone who has some background in this area, please contact chig@fifinella.com who is the principal technology officer at present.
  • TRANSPORATION / HOUSING We are currently forming a Needed: Event Planners, Transportation Clerks, Contract Negotiators


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