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The Wingtip-to-Wingtip Association
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A Texas Non Profit Corporation IRS 501(c)(3) TaxID: 24-2343555 / Public Charity under IRC 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) presents:

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(Who Are They?) (Why?)
(Hoped to reach 74 Million+ TV Viewers, Nation and Worldwide,
70,000+ In Person, 840,000+ Internet Viewers - 2013 stats),

* * * * FLOAT PAID OFF by the Texas Womens' University Foundation from contributions made by WASP and others over the years * * * * Many, Many Thanks! * * *

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1)  We told the Untold Story of these Overlooked Veterans, our First Women Military Aviators, who Flew 60 Million Miles in Military Service: Ferrying, Training, Transport, Engineering, Target Towing, Maintenance Missions in virtually all Military Aircraft, Production and Experimental

2)    Honoring the Skill, Capabilities and Patriotism of Women Aviators, Past, Present & Future, and

3)    Remembering the 38 Young Women who Gave their Lives in Service to our Country!

BASIC - $15

Give What You Can!
Every tax-free, charitable ( TaxID: 24-2343555 / Public Charity 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) ) donation counts and is appreciated . . . ALL donors will receive a specially designed Float "Stock Certificate" as evidence of their contribution! (coming soon . . . once we pay for the float) Be a Major Shareholder - If 800 people can give at this level, we can pay for the float . . . it's just that simple. Help us out in anyway you can. All donations appreciated.

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How it works

We suggest at donation at one of three levels: $15, $50, $200 to help us track the number and type of donation for our campaign efforts. Of course we appreciate any contribution, either more or less than the suggested levels, and will endeavor to recognize any significant contribution in an appropriate manner. A record of your donation will be sent by email or ground mail to the address submitted with your donation.

What can you do

Although our debt to FIESTA FLOATS has been paid off, thanks to TWUF, our organization intends to continue to promote the history and legacy of the WASP through projects such as those set forth below.

In addition, You can still own a piece of the float --Own a piece of this float! (Still some Stars and Pins left!)

In the event that we are so successful that we raise more than sufficient money to complete the float, the Wingtip to Wingtip Association will use the money in accordance with its mandate, to support the legacy of the WASP and the telling of their story. Examples of such projects and uses include

As with all fund-raising efforts by the WTWA, donors may specify and restrict the use of the funds as desired, and if unable to be so used as directed, will be returned as soon as reasonably possible.
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Why You Should Donate: The WASP volunteered to serve the United States as pilots for the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II. While 25,000 women applied to the program, in the end, 1,102 women proudly wore their silver wings as they flew 77 different aircraft types over 60 million miles within the continental United States. They ferried planes across the country, test-flew new and repaired aircraft, trained both ground and air-to-air gunners, and any other duty their nation asked of them. Thirty-eight lost their lives in service, yet received no official recognition or honors until March 2010. Finally recognized as veterans in 1977 and honored with the Congressional Gold Medal in 2010, the service of the WASP is still largely unknown to most Americans, and ignored in most history books. This float will reach 74+ million viewers (2013 stats) and tell their story!

The WASP: The women of the WASP are now all in their late eighties and nineties. A Rose Parade float will be a beautiful way to thank them for their service, unrecognized at the time, when their nation needed them most, and to commemorate the proud story of women military aviators, past and present, to the many viewers of this spectacular and beloved parade.