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- Jackie Cochran at the controls of P-40

Jackie Cochran

Helen and the Lake Erie 99's!, Cleveland, OH
(multiple donors - Thank you so much!)
Mary Hearn Nesbit,
WASP, 44-W5

Chancellor Place, Pasadena -- Home of several WASP, (Pinky, Gerri) Raising $ for the Float
Dorothy Smith Lucas 44-W7, (article) from Helen -
- Chandelle Winery (family of Hap Arnold!)

Katherine Willinger,
44-W-8 (NYT)

- - thanks, Richard

Mildred "DUKE" Caldwell
43-W6 Tournament of Roses

Nancy Love, Creator of the WAFS, Commander, Ferry Services

Nancy Harkness Love, Leader of the "Originals", the WAFs, and WASP Ferrying Services


Geraldine Hardman Jordan, 43-W5 - thanks Charles, Mary

Margaret(Montclair, NJ)

Kelly (Oneida, NY)

Thomas, (Schenectady, New York)

Staci (Kailua, HI )

Helen Fronckus Okula
(who worked on the West Coast,
maybe helped build the planes that
the WASP then flew) --- Thanks, Susan

Genevieve Landman Rausch 44-w5 /
"Just like the one I soloed in except ours were silver . . ."

Thanks - Bob

Carol Brinton Selfridge W-44-5, grandaughter, daughter, Lt. Col. Christy Kayser-Cook, Air Force pilot and now physics instructor at the Air Force Academy, and daughter (the filling in our flying sandwich) at the Gold Medal Ceremony
A rose from Sallie to her sister, Doris B. Tanner and her 44-4 classmates
(Mineral, CA)
Elinore O. Pyle, 43-W3
( Remembrance) thanks Lynne

Tex Brown Meachem
thanks Lucinda

LISA (Fairfax, VA)

Patricia (Alexandria, VA)

Legendary Ginny Hill, WASP, Activist Ginny Hill Wood, WASP 43-W4 AK Hall of Fame

The ALASKA Garden

thnks: Angela ANCHORAGE AK! Celia Hunter

Celia Hunter, WASP 43-W5

thnks: Susan Palmer Alaska

Margaret Anne "Margo" Cook,
WASP 43-W3T,test pilot, stunt pilot - Alaska 99s

thnks: Leah, Alison

Pearl Laska Chamberlain
, WASP 44-W1T

In Memory of
Dorothy "Dot" Swain Lewis
, 44-W5

Thanks to: Glenn (Rexburg ID) / Kieko (Idyllwild CA),
Bill, Monica & Betty (Asheville), Susan (Leawood, KS),
Muriel Rath Reynolds 44-7, Genevieve Landman Rausch 44-w5, Julie (Luverne, AL), Jean

WASP at the LAAF

B-26 pilots at the Laredo Army Air Field


Navy flight cadets
1 of Dot's Navy V5 classes (Portales NM) Palm Springs Air Museum's P-63
"Pretty Polly"

Palm Springs Air Museum<

Rose Garden Page for the LEGACY FLIGHT MUSEUM The Legacy Flight Museum,
Rexburg, ID - - WASP exhibit, including "Trainee" statue

T McHumor

 The Congressional Gold Medal

The Congressional Gold Medal
- - thanks, Judith Nelson

Jean McCart, assigned Romulus Air Base Jean McCart, one of Dot's (left) students, Flight instructor after WWII

Jean McCart, 44-4

Thanks - The Welch Family, Mission Viejo, California

College Park Aviation Museum - on the Oldest Airport in the World
where full-size WASP statue resides. and exhibits from
Helen Snapp
WASP 43-W4, and Elaine Harmon WASP 44-W9

Thanks to the Palm Springs Air Museum - WASP Float Display

Future Pilots in their civvies . . . Howard's girls: Sarah, Emily & Molly

Ron (Greenville, OH)

Julia (Laverne, AL

Capt. Jim & Mary Jo, USN RET Ponte Vedra, FL (SunNFun)

Janet Lee, WASP 44-W6 Janet Lee Simpson, 44-W6,
18 yr old test pilot)

Sylvia Barter
- (Remembrance)


Janine & Alan - Alta Loma, CA

David (Sierra Madre, CA)
Nalena from Camarillo!
Deborah (San Marino, CA)

Marybeth - (Ventura, California)

Pearl Judd, WASP 44-W8,w/ Claudia McKnight, . . . Honored Gathering of Eagles, Veterans History Project, Minter Field

Sen. Steve Knight SOUTH CAROLINA Garden

Ray - Lexington, SC

Kim - Camden SC
Florence "Rubin" Elion Mascott,
WASP 44-W10-T
The Bob French Family!

Amy (Morro Bay)

Linda (Midland, MI)

Joseph, Oradell NJ

Alfred - Riverside Illinois

Rita from
Buffalo Grove, IL

ORLANDO, Florida
David from Tucson, Arizona
Susanne -
Duarte, California

Sallie (Costa Mesa, CA)

On behalf of our (SFV 99s) own WASP
Jan Wood, class of 44-W8
Pamela -
Arlington, Virginia
F/A-18 fighter jock Karen from Savannah, Georgia -- in 1998 with Vi Cowden, class of 43-W-4
Rio Brazos 99s - 2013 Homecoming Click for Pics! Click Here to visit sales site
Amy from Menifee, California Johnny -- Brookshire, TEXAS
 Becky Brown Stan R - Sweetwater Texas
Monica - El Paso
Andrea gives her ma a rose . . . Adeline Ellison WASP 43-W6
At the wishing well with escort
Bill - Texas National Bank Sweetwater, TEXAS
 SSgt. Veronica Lisa - Homecoming Dinner, Sweeetwater, Texas Joan - Homecoming Dinner - Sweetwater Texas John - Lagrange, Kentucky
 Rebecca - Homecoming Dinner - Sweetwater Texas Dayna - Homecoming Dinner - Sweetwater Texas Jenni - Homecoming Dinner - Sweetwater Texas Meagan - Homecoming Dinner - Sweetwater Texas
 Debra - Sweetwater Texas Gertrude Thompson Silver, one of the 38, only one whose body was never recovered Courtney - Homecoming Dinner
 Kitty Belle (Brookshire, TX) At Oshkosh Celebrating Jean McCreery and Marty Wyall Scarlett Mai (Brookshire, TX) Zan / Pacific Pallisades, California
Logan - Tiburun, California After the flight . . . Bruce - Boulder, Colorado (Hazel's Beverage World) One of the 38 Bettie Mae Scott - One of the 38 At the WASP National Museum Homecoming Peter and Marie / Salem, Wisconsin
Dawn Seymour
class of 43-W5, B-17s
In Honor Of Class of 44-5 by Mary McCoy, daughter of Lorraine N. Bain from Woodstock, Georgia Billy from Sanger TEXAS

Kelly / Pleasant Ridge, WI

Everlasting Thanks to the WASP; you rock! from SkySprite The OP-ED Project - "the voices of Women . . ." Sarah -- Lubbock, TEXZS the 38
In Memory of Katherine Joy (Merritt) Moore - class of 43-W7 M D / San Jose Katherine / San Diego "TOP GUN" "Everything's Coming up Roses!" - Amy (New York) with Lillian Yonally, WASP 44-W7
Ronald from Cherokee Village, Arkansas Kurt from WALES, WISCONSIN!

Mary Ann, Middleton, Wisconsin
William from Gulfport, MISSISSIPPI Andy from Friendswood, Texas / WASP Remembered by those who knew them . . . .
A Young Cowboy . . . Note the date . . . Instructing at Avenger
Dot Swain Lewis 44-W5/7
Daedaleus . . . why?  Just you guess! Our Good Friend from Tennessee

Richard, the First! Motto of the DaedaelionsVolabamus, Volamus!

Crystal & Mike Bee at Oshkosh with the Avenger AT-6 Bee Haydu
class of 44-W7

Marian Peg "Buff" from Alabama Edie - USAF
Andrew Jean Terrell McCreery 44 W-10 Shawnda Rick
Judy - Simi Valley, California Jessica - Elkhorn, Nebraska Madonna from Orland Park Grand Mashall Bee! Carol - Frederick, Maryland
"A Rose for you, Bee!"
Bay Mates
At the Wishing well - Avenger Field

On Point Loma - San Diego Reunion . . .
AT-6 Texans


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